Top 10 Questions asked at StudyUp:

How do I get my notes live at StudyUp?

All you need to do is sign up, and head straight over the to the “Add Notes” page. Our system for adding notes is the best in the industry, making it virtually effortless to get your study material live.

Do I need to fill in all the fields on the “Add Notes” Page before I submit?

Actually, it is completely up to you how many of the fields you fill in, they are there for you to use if you choose too. Keep in mind, however, the more information you give us about your notes, the better we can categorize and relate them all together. The “Add Notes” area is intuitive, and all of the fields begin to auto populate with options as you add more notes, based on notes you have already uploaded.

How long do my notes stay live on StudyUp?

Your notes will stay live on StudyUp forever. There will never be any fees to keep your material stored at Studyup, and there is no limit to the volume of material you can store.

What is the difference between a “Subject”, “Course”, and “Topic”?

A topic is a sub-section of a course, and a course is sub-section of a subject. For example, the subject is Biology, the Course is Intro Bio 300, and the topic is The Endocrine System.

Is a “Subject” the same as a “Department”?

Yes subject means the same thing as department for your StudyUp notes.

How do I add a class?

Adding a class is as simple as going to the “Add Notes” page and entering in the information. Once you add a class, the Add Notes system remembers it and places it as an option to click on in the drop down menu; making it super easy to add more notes from the same class in the future.

How much does StudyUp cost to use?

StudyUp is a 100% FREE service, and we commit to you that we will never change that. We are committed to helping you learn more efficiently, and we believe there should be no fees associated with that. There are no “Premium” memberships here.

Is there any limit to how many notes I can add to StudyUp?

There is no limit to the amount of notes you can upload to StudyUp, and you will never be charged to use our service. In fact, the more notes you add the better we become at relating all of your Study materials together. We challenge you add as many lecture notes as you are able to, we guarantee the StudyUp system performance won’t be affected!

How do I update my personal profile information?

Visit the Edit Profile page. Be sure to fill in all the fields, it helps the StudyUp system recognize networking opportunities for you.

How do I upload a profile picture?

Visit the Edit Profile page and select a picture from your hard drive.

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